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Monday, April 23, 2007
Before SEO and Before You Have Website : Identify Your Needs
Before you are ready to start with your first website, your first web presence and before setting the goals for search engine marketing (SEM) the first thing to do is to properly know your needs. Needs is necessary elements or the functions or looks you want in your first web establishment. If you are unable to decide and not give a proper time to it, In next few days you will discover that the choice and the decisions you made wasn't the most appropriate and because of that you feel like you wasted money and time. There is nothing bad like that in a business, is there? Yes there is: It is to not realize that you made a mistake and carried a thought that e-marketing simply can't do that much for you.

No one can know your business better than yourself, and you know what investments give you higher returns. There are numbers of questions you can ask before you go for a website or SEO? And there can be any number of answers to many questions you will ask yourself before starting a website:

• Why you need a website?
• Why people come to your site?
• Which are the products or services you want to sell via website?
• Who are your targeted online audience?
• What is the size of a business segment you are entering?
• How people come to know about your website?
• Who are your major competitors?

Now that you have a number of questions and have a number of answers for these questions. Choose the best answers from all of answers. Think properly and on best way as you can. Arrange them in proper way and try to make them basics of your web presence. When you combine all your answers you will get your business model, how it looks like, how you want to market it, what you want to sale, what it takes to attract people to your site, etc. There is no one in this world that can alter your basic business needs, but keep on mind there is different ways to satisfy your needs without affecting your business goals. Choose the best e-marketing company who can help you to achieve without changing the basics in your mind.
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