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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Importance of Search Marketing
Search Marketing simply defines as marketing of website to become visible when user searches about its services or products.

Web users love to search and they are keep searching on different topics for different products and different services. They use the main search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search and Ask to find information, find knowledge about particular services or particular product.

Information they are searching:

Use of Internet depends upon need and wants of the individual. They might be looking for news, or prepare a report for college, or hunting for product reviews, or prepare a presentation for office, or trying to compare vendors and services, or create a profile for any social services site, or seeking their partner, or upload a photos on photo site, or buying a second-hand car. All these tasks, all this work can start with a simple search query.

The use of words, combination of words, and order of words helps users find exactly what they want. Technical term for what user enters into search engine is query and query is combinations of keywords (words) or key phrases (combining several keywords).

Today Modern search engines are generally great at delivering relevant results to users and they are evolving themselves to be better day by day.

By help of keywords of key phrases you can take a different decisions and view a different scenario for what people search on net and how they search information on net.

We will see How search engines find relevant result about user queries and how they will find most relevant website..? Something that we under stand from the year of experience.
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